Monday, March 23, 2009

Technology Enhanced Lesson

I am planning on teaching my technology enhanced lesson this week, Wednesday. Last week I videotaped the play my class performed for all the other first grade classes. I burned the movie on a dvd. My lesson plan starts off with reading a book about a play to the students. I can't remember the title of the book but I do have it at the classroom already. Then I will show the students their class play by projecting it on the wall with an LCD projector. A laptop will be hooked up in which I will place the dvd. The students will watch their class play. After the video the students will write a journal entry; they will write about their favorite part of their class play and also what they enjoy most about plays in general. This lesson is a celebration lesson for the students to be proud of what they have accomplished. It will be fun for the students to watch themselves and see how their hardwork practicing for the play actually paid off.

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