Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Internet Safety

I talked with my mother who is fifty years old. With her I shared what I had learned about cyberbullying.
I told her that cyberbullying is much more prevalent than the world think it is. Often times, parents are completely oblivious to the fact that their child might be suffering from some cyber harassment. Children hesitate to reveal their pains and sufferings cause by the internet to their parents. They are embarrassed and ashamed of the comments that are given to them online. Instant messaging programs are often the means by which cyberbullying takes place. It is one thing to be bullied at school, but at least the bullying stops once a child reaches home. Well, that is how it used to be. Now, students are bullied at school and then return home where they sign in online and receive more bullying.

Sharing these thoughts with my mother went well. It was easy to talk to her about the negative affects cyberbullying has on children. It was easy to let her know how I feel about cyberbullying, which is I ultimately despise it and wish it would never happen. The talk was positive, but at the same time sad because we both expressed our wishes that cyberbullying would never occur. The talk was valuable because I opened her eyes to what can happen over the internet. To be honest, she was not aware that cyberbullying even happened, but I was able to call her attention to the fact that it happens more than she think it does. My mother was able to learn about a new problem that occurs on the internet. Internet safety is vital to a child’s well-being; the internet can destroy a person and we must be careful to protect the ones we love from its destroying effects.

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