Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Watching Other's Project Presentations

I learned that there are so many great and different ideas for incorporating technology into the classroom. Technology is easy to incorporate as long as a teacher plans ahead and ties the technology to the curriculum. It is vital that the curriculum is more important than the technology. After viewing other's project presentations I also read a lot that the students truly enjoy the excitment of bringing technology into the classroom. Students loved the use of technology because it was new and exciting. I also learned that there is never enough time! Teachers always wish they had more time, and in this case the teachers wanted more time because the technology provided great opportunities for teaching that they do not use on a regular basis.
I learned that technology is a great way to enhance a lesson. Other's project presentations pointed out that the curriculum came alive in the student's eyes through the use of technology. Curriculum coming alive is priceless to a teacher.

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